Spotify Cant Play This Right Now – Fixing Guide

Spotify Cant Play This Right NowSpotify is one of the foremost music streaming apps of the current time. It’s been successful to spread out the joy of sharing some classy tunes of music to all. This premium app is worth the expenditure considering its massive music collection and wild features. But with all these sweet treats, some disadvantages come alongside.

An irritating delinquent is when you experience the fault message that Spotify can’t play this right now. Here, we’ll learn the probable reasons behind the issue and the most likely way outs of them.

Spotify Cant Play This Right Now

Spotify Cant Play This Right Now

If you want to know more about Fixing Spotify Cant Play This Right Now issue then read this article carefully.

Why does Spotify Cant Play This Right Now Issue Raised?

Spotify can flop to play a song of your choice for numerous reasons. These reasons can also make Spotify so slow that they will get on your nerve and you even might want to unsubscribe from Spotify.

Let’s figure out why Spotify not playing songs that you want to hear on your desktop app:

  • You can attempt to play a song unavailable in your region will lead to the mistake message that Spotify can’t play this right now. Due to copyright issues, some of the tracks might not play in a precise area.
  • You might share a link to a track with your friends after importing it from the local drive. But your friend will view that Spotify can’t play the present track if it’s inaccessible in his region.
  • Free operators can’t play a single track more than five times in their lifetime, after six months from signing up. When he tires such, he’ll absorb that Spotify can’t play the current songs.
  • You might get Spotify not playing songs from local sources. The motives can be an overflow of local cache files, a change in hardware settings, or being unable to find the file location, etc. You might also get a message that Spotify local files not showing.
  • Mismanagement in the settings of the Spotify account can lead to the error: Spotify can’t play this right now.
  • When the web player doesn’t work right, it can turn to Spotify not playing songs. Therefore, it’s handy to check whether the Spotify web player not working.

What is the Solution to the Problem of Spotify Cant Play This Right Now?

If you are seeing the error message: Spotify can’t play this right now, you no longer need to be concerned. You’ve already learned the causes of the problem. Take away the following solutions on your Windows OS or Mac.

  1. Try restarting and logging in again to Spotify:

If you are facing problems playing songs on Spotify, when you are on your desktop, you can try this trick before anything else. Log out of your account and restart the app. After that, Login again and see if Spotify plays your songs.

  1. Change the hardware acceleration setting in Spotify:

Disabling hardware acceleration in the app will be able to solve the problem of Spotify not playing songs. The steps in this solution are as follows:

  • First, you need to open the app and go to the ‘Preferences’ option from the pull-down menu coming out from ‘Edit’ in the menu bar.
  • After that, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the next window and click on the ‘Show Advanced Settings option.
  • Additionally, simply scroll down to the bottom of the window and toggle off the ‘enable hardware acceleration option.
  • Now, you simply need to restart the app; now you’ll be able to play your song uninterruptedly.
  1. Clear local cache files save in local drives:

Clearing cache files saved in the hard disk drive can simply solve the issue. If you are evidencing Spotify’s local file not showing, you should give it a shot and steps are as below to follow:

    • First, you need to copy the file address from the Spotify app. You need to go to the advanced settings option and copy the location of the ‘Offline song storage’. 
  • Then, you need to close the app and open windows explorer to visit the folder. The ‘AppData’ folder is hidden by default; so, unhide it first.
  • Now, simply Select all the files available in the folder and delete them and simply restart the app and check if your songs are playing.
  1. Some other Alternatives:

If you are still seeing that Spotify can’t play the current track, then there are some more choices to try out.

  • First, from the advanced settings option, you need to try toggle on and repeatedly the crossfading button. You can also try disabling the high-quality streaming option if you are on a sluggish internet connection.
  • If you are seeing Spotify local files not showing, then you must check whether you’ve gone out of local space on your hard disk drive.
  • If Spotify can’t play the current songs offline, then you are perhaps having trouble syncing your drive in the app try the resync option from the settings option.
  • It’s always well to switch to a Spotify premium membership to enjoy a track for unlimited times. Mentionable that Spotify can’t play present songs more than five times after six months period of free membership.

If none of the above answers solves the issue that Spotify can’t play the current track, you should go for reinstallation. Occasionally, the Spotify app can disobey for unidentified reasons.

The usual tricks fail to solve the problem. In this case, a clean reinstallation always supports.

But as a last resort, you can also reach out to the Spotify support team by opening a ticket. If you describe your issue and seek out support, they will pay heed and solve it for you in any way.

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